Koyuncuoğlu & Köksal provides qualified legal advice regarding Trademark and Patent Law for both local and international clients on matters such as legal protection of brand image, registration of trademarks and prevention of violations against industrial design, trademark or patent rights on local and international levels before the relevant official authorities.

In this context, Koyuncuoğlu & Köksal assists specifically in the following legal matters:

  • Brand equity creation, trademark and patent portfolio management, and day-to-day legal advice regarding Trademark and Patent Law
  • Establishment of ownership of rights based on registration of trademarks, conducting third party relations and guidance from beginning of trademark, industrial design and patent registration period
  • Maintenance and management of trademark registration
  • Purchases concerning trademark, industrial design and patent rights, licensing/obtaining a license, preparation of license transfer agreements and monitoring legal proceedings
  • Regular notification on local and international regulations and determination of custom strategies
  • Pursuance of disputes with indemnity claims and termination of violation in cases of third party violation of trademark, industrial design or patent rights
  • Pursuance of claims wherein the violation of trademark and patent rights also constitutes unfair competition
  • Sectorial legal advice regarding such as E-commerce, franchising agreements, protection of trade secrets, softwares and databases, broadcast and media