Reasoned Decision On The Investigation Conducted On Google Was Published

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On 13.11.2020, the Competition Board (“Board”) has announced that the investigation into Google (the economic entity consisting of Google Advertising and Marketing Co. Ltd., Google International LLC, Google LLC, Google Ireland Limited, and Alphabet Inc.), which was conducted with the accusations of “abusing its dominant position by updating the general search services and impeding the enterprise activities with AdWords ads” has concluded. The summary of the decision was also published on the Board’s website.

As the conclusion of the investigation, the Board has determined that Google dominates the market of general search services and abusing its dominant position by impeding the organic results which do not generate advertising revenue in the market of content services by intensively placing uncertain quality text advertisements at the top of the general search results. The Board has decided to impose a 196.708.054,78 TL administrative fine on Google.
The 209-page reasoned decision on the investigation conducted on Google was published on the Board’s website on 28.06.2021.